My first job?

Near the end of the holidays I realised that I had accomplished nearly nothing (once again). In hindsight that probably isn't that terrible considering the amount of stress I had put myself under for the last couple months. But near the end of the holidays I decided to get up off my lazy bum and apply for a job for the first time at Mcdonalds.


GCSE Results day

Then it dwelled on me. I had my results in my hand. I walked to a quieter corner of the room and slowly opened the letter. I took a little peek at first just to double check I didn't have to hide my face from the world. Saw the numbers and then put it back.

The things I say I will do in the summer holidays

As my summer holidays begin, my list of things I want to do in summer increases daily, if not hourly. The list you see before you is what I am hoping to achieve before school makes it's way back around again, and is very much needed before boredom sets in to replace my impromptu excitement.